Interview with Cedrick Thomas, Birmingham Franchise Owner since February 2005

Q: Why did you open a JAN-PRO franchise?
A: I wanted to be in business for myself and I heard great things about JAN-PRO.  I like cleaning and it’s a great industry.  I looked at some other franchises but liked the family atmosphere at JAN-PRO.

Q: Is JAN-PRO in Alabama owned by a local family?
A: Yes, Dominic Gentile is the owner and he has been in Alabama for a long time.  He even played football at UA.  We consider each other extended family, and therefore we support each other in good times and bad.

Q: Did you start part time?
A: Yes, I was part time for a couple of years, and now I run my business full time.  It’s a great feeling of freedom.

Q: How successful is your business?
A: It’s great.  I currently have 23 customers that I service.

Q: What kinds of customers do you have?
A: It’s a real variety ranging from general offices to medical buildings to real estate offices to telecommunications companies and everything in between.

Q: What is the most difficult part of being a business owner?
why-choose-janpro-starburst-2bA: Owning a company is a great responsibility.  Your success is dependent only on you and nobody else.  So there is a certain degree of pressure that I put on myself.  But that is just how successful people are.  You need to have high standards to make it in any business, and this one is no different.

Q: What kind of people make the best franchisees?
A: People who are willing to learn and follow the JAN-PRO model.  You also need to be enthusiastic and passionate, and respect your customers and associates.  The customer always comes first.